Mission Trips

Ashton & Vadim L will be  Hope Missions August 10-18, 2018. The cost of the trip is $5,380 with a remaining need of $.  Please pray for them and the team to win hearts for Christ.

Jamaica Update

The Jamaica 2017 team consisted of 14 willing servants. We went to Jamaica to serve and we did but we came home changed! 
We were able to visit and share God's love as well as tangible items with some of the forgotten. The joy they felt was contagious. We had a VBS for children that by US standards fall way below the poverty line. They literally walked uphill both ways and were so excited to be in church.
Jamaicans want to be worshiping God not just going through the motions. They have a fire we lack. I want that hunger!! I truthfully can say I have never had it. Church has been a part of my life for my entire life. It's something I take for granted just like hot water and decent plumbing. So I challenge you along with myself to seek that relationship with Christ that consumes you. A love you can't take for granted. 
Thank you to all that supported us. You support made a difference in the Jamaicans and the Americans!                                                          GO. BE. LOVE.

Clinton P. & Dave H. will be going to Romania with the Jesse Powers team.  We look forward to an update from their mission work there.